Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Video Surveillance enhances security by providing deterrence and giving the homeowner the ability to monitor their property no matter where they are in the world.
Why Device Smart

Leveraging Smart Video Surveillance and Analytics

We provide smart video surveillance and analytics. Using our advanced high definition video analytic algorithms, we provide excellent perimeter protection for your home through our self learning video analytics technology. 

Video Security is an effective solution that will monitor your home at all times. The experts at Device Smart have been pioneers in Video Security technology for decades, protecting thousands of homeowners from potential threats. Video Security Systems from Device Smart utilize digital technology and leverage the latest smartphone apps to provide homeowners with crystal clear HD images. Our experts ensure that you are confident in operating the system after installation, so you can better protect your family from potential threats.

Video Security Solutions

With Video Security, you will receive instant notifications anytime something suspicious occurs in or outside of your home, keeping your family safe.

State of the Art Technicians

Our trained technicians are kept up to date on current technologies and installation methods. Device Smart places a heavy emphasis on ensuring our technicians provide a quality installation for every customer.

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